Undergraduate Chemistry Degree at University

chemistry-degree.co.uk is designed for a-level chemistry students wishing to pursue an undergraduate chemistry degree at university.

Hello! I'm Edward, and in 2013 I graduated from The University of Sheffield. My aim for this website was to share my experiences with anyone wishing to apply to study a chemistry degree at university in the UK. You'll find information including:

  • Experiences from current chemistry students

  • Advice on writing a personal degree for chemistry

  • Mock chemistry degree interviews

  • Book reviews of texts usually found on UK university reading lists
  • I was a successful Oxford chemistry candidate in 2008 and moved to Sheffield in 2010 to finish my chemistry degree. This puts me in the fortunate position of being able to share experiences with prospective chemists, whether they wish to study a chemistry related degree at Oxbridge or any other Russell Group university. Whilst I've moved on to a PhD I've decided to leave this website online in the hope it may be of some help to prospective chemistry students.

    A word of warning - studying at university is an investment in your future, and textbooks aren't cheap! I will therefore tell you what you're best off buying, and what you can get from the university library. I will only ever recommend chemistry textbooks that I personally own.

    This website was made in my spare time at university in the hope that it would help a-level students like you. If you found it useful, please consider making your next online purchase via one of the sponsored links. This is at no extra cost to you.
    Thank you!

    Everything on this website is based on my experiences and opinions. Nothing on this website will definitely get you a place studying chemistry at the university of your choice, but I wish you every success and hope that my insight will at least be informative.